Selling original paintings

For the Seller:

Step 1: Uploading a Painting

Once you complete your registration, you will get access to the Catalogue page where you can find various paintings by a number of artists (owners) and add your own painting. Clicking on a circle icon with a plus sign in it (located in the upper right corner) will take you to the Painting Upload page. Make sure you read the rules and requirements concerning the digital version of your painting. If you violate these rules, your painting will not pass the moderation. Please study each step of entering data about your painting on the Painting Upload page carefully. You are fully responsible for the accuracy of the data and for the specified authorship of the painting.

Please note that when you enter the price of the painting, the payment system fee and the Website commission will be charged.

After the successful entering and selecting all data - downloading a painting, selecting the sales format (original painting and its digital copy or digital copy only), title of a painting, its size (width, height), cost of the original, description, story behind a painting, adding tags of materials, year of creation, selecting the format of your Seller status: Author and Owner; Owner (you must specify the Author); Author (you must specify the Owner) - you will need to read all the Terms and Conditions of the Website, as well as the Offer Agreement, since your clicking the Add Painting button means you agree to the Terms and Conditions of the Website, and also agree to the terms of the Offer Agreement.

Step 2: Entering Additional Information and Moderation Status

If you are downloading a painting to the Website for the first time: clicking the Add Painting button will take you to the page that requires entering additional information about you. You will need to fill in all the required fields and then click Add. Now you have to wait until your painting is approved; usually, the moderation process takes up to one day.

If your painting is denied moderation, please review the Website’s rules and if you find any inconsistencies, please correct them and re-submit the painting for moderation.

If your painting successfully passes moderation, it gets included in the list of new products and is displayed in the corresponding section of the Website (New Products). Also, your painting can be included in the Popular list or Breakthrough list - this depends on the social activity on your page, i.e. on the amount of likes, views, adds to collections and digital downloads.

Step 3: Your Painting Was Bought - Dispatch

If your painting was purchased (paid for), you need to go to the Order History page via your personal account on the Website. Open the order for the purchased painting and find the delivery address there. You can print it out or write it down to indicate it later on when dispatching your painting. Make sure to promptly pack the painting in such a way that it is not damaged during the delivery. Choose a reliable delivery company to deliver the package to the address specified in the order. Since your painting is a single copy, we strongly recommend that you insure your product against loss and damage (obtain insurance for the amount of the paid order). Once you get a receipt or other document confirming the dispatch of the painting, go back to the order page and enter the data in the following fields: tracking code, delivery deadline specified by the courier company; enter the company name in a separate field. Then confirm the order dispatch by clicking Order Sent.

Please note that the seller (author, owner) of thе painting is fully responsible for the delivery process and the quality of the product. All disputes are resolved via the chat on the order status page, or by making a phone call or sending an e-mail to the company (the contact information is indicated on the Contacts page of the Website). If there occurs some problem with the order, we will do our best to solve it together.

Once the delivery deadline (specified by the courier and entered by you) is over, the buyer will receive an e-mail (to the e-mail address used when registering the account) where they will have to confirm the receipt of the order. If three days have passed but the buyer fails to confirm the order receipt - or does confirm it within three-day time - your fee will be automatically sent to the bank card you specified (minus the bank transfer fee and Website commission) (2).

(2) This process allows you to be safe from fraudsters who accept prepayment or full payment for a painting and fail to dispatch the product for a long time or completely ignore your order.