Instructions on adding a digital copy to the website Rammka

Option 1

Take a photo of your painting using a professional photo camera


  • 1. No glares on the painting
  • 2. The surface of the painting is not distorted
  • 3. Color rendering is not distorted (if there is a deviation, try to adjust it in a photo editor, if the color is still not true, mention it in the description of the picture).
  • 4. The digital image must not include the frame or any parts of it, as well as margins or blank spots. Proportions of the picture must match the real ratios. Excessive or insufficient cropping of the image is inappropriate.

1. Take a photo of the painting


2. Crop the photo


3. Upload to the website

* A professional photo camera is a member of a wide range of almost perfect optical devices, for taking high-quality picture in the FullHD format and higher.

FullHD (Full High Definition) — an image resolution of 1920 × 1080 pixels. It supports the requested quality level of an image, its depth and sharpness

Option 2

Take a photo of your artwork in a professional photo studio.

Image requirements are the same as in the first option. Photo studio employees will take a high-quality photo and edit it in accordance with our requirements, save it on any medium that is convenient for you, so that you can upload the image to your computer and then to It will cost approximately 500 rubles for each piece of art. Please note that a high-quality digital image of a picture will allow you to sell the picture itself as well as many of its digital copies on the website

Option 3

Scan your picture using a professional scanner

This option provides the highest quality due to the best image accuracy. Similar to the first option, you must check the digital copy and upload it to the site. There are not so many companies that professionally scan pictures. Check if there are any in your city. If not, use the first or second option.