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After moderation your picture appears in the "New artworks" section.
It will be exhibited in front of big audience that is waiting for the new pictures on our website everyday
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Take just a few simple steps to sign in and upload your artwork, and your picture will be on sale
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This webservice was designed for direct connection with possible buyers
You may sell a digital copy of your artwork as well as the original
Sell the original artwork
Your paintings will always be available for anyone around the world.
Safe deals
A rule of mutually safe deals applies to every sale on The buyer pays for the chosen picture and the seller is notified about that. After that the seller sends the item using one of the available options. As soon as the buyer receives the artwork, the seller receives his fee on his bank card within 3 banking days.
A high-quality digital copy remains in our catalogue even after the original was sold. It serves as a confirmation of your copyright from the moment it was published on the website.
Convenient delivery
Delivery cost is added to the price of a purchase, all information necessary for shipping is in seller's account.
Extra fee
You will receive an additional 10% fee of every new sale of the original painting made by new owners. If the value of the painting grows your resale fee may even exceed the profit you gained on its first sale.
Sell digital copies
Usually selling a picture you split up with it forever. But on Rammka even if you sell the original you still go on getting money for its copy sales. It allows you to share your artwork in digital with many people
Copy sale profit
The price for a digital copy of an artwork starts from 170 rubles on the website. Your fee is 50% of its value.
Easy withdrawal
You can transfer the money you gained from sale to your bank card by making an inquiry in your account.
«This art space allows you to collect and download digital copies of artworks! That lets you to use them for many purposes. You can print it on canvas, you can make a postcard, but you can make a print on a mug or just use it as a screensaver on a workstation, etc. It's great!»
Vladimir Tsuhlo
«Great project, my friends! Very promising and encouraging. And, importantly, timely. I highly recommend it to fellow artists, art lovers and art collectors!»
Ivan Sheremetiev
«Noteworthy project!»
Igor Zharkov
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How to send a picture to a buyer?
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