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Original artworks
Digital copies
Original artworks

Rammka is an online-resource for purchasing artworks straight from artists or owners without intermediaries.

A painting converted to a digital image has a unique code number like a Bitcoin, which means it has a specific value, you can store it, share it, buy and sell on our resource.
Digital copies
At this website you may purchase a digital copy of the picture, this will allow you to use it on your mobile devices, e. g. as a splash screen for your desktop or just in the form of digital collections, as well as for printing in high resolution.

Modern technologies of printing on canvas can reproduce an artwork very close to the original. Before purchasing an expensive original, for testing purposes order a full-size reproduction, to view it in the tiniest details and see how the original looks in your interior.

And if the original picture is already sold, you can still buy a reproduction of it.

Just choose the size, packaging and add the address. We provide high quality of printing and professional canvas stretching.
Exclusive gift

If you want to make an unique, meaningful and honored gift, the best decision is to present an painting of a modern artist. It perfectly meets all these demands
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After a simple registration, upload your picture to the gallery. It will appear in the "New artworks" section after moderation, and thousands of users will see your work
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